In very few of these photos did I intentionally set out to photograph the subject at hand. More often than not, these resulted from (rare and precious) leisure time with a camera in hand – an evening drive through the country, an afternoon walk around downtown, or a morning exploration before the fog lifts. During these moments I challenge myself to perceive beauty, symmetry, and story in places where it might not be noticed at first glance. What often results is a study of the vernacular objects, signs, buildings, streetscapes, and landscapes that make up our rural surroundings. Perhaps this is an outlook made necessary by living far from grand mountain vistas or urban skylines which naturally make stunning photographs. (Not that I’m against this more apparent beauty; I have mountains, oceans, canyons, and skylines on display too.) However I strongly believe there is latent beauty everywhere in the everyday despite our tendency to breeze on by. Also while assembling this collection, I’ve also noticed another common undercurrent: a twinge of melancholy, a potential not realized, or a glory that peaked in days gone by. In each case I try to find and respect the essential dignity within each subject, even if on the outside it appears spent or discarded.

This process of teasing out hidden beauty resonates with me at a deeper, even spiritual level, for at one point a Creator sought me out to make a common object into something more. I believe all have the potential to be works of art in His hands despite our imperfections. Freezing in time the faded glory of a subject like an old train car or a building helps us see the contrast between what is true and perfect and eternal, over that which withers and fades in the world. He has left echoes of His perfect self even in the ordinary or forgotten places and items that surround us.

I’m still learning how to do photography. It’s a lifelong pursuit to be enjoyed rather than completed. I value your feedback and invite you to see more of my work on my website,, follow me on Instagram or Twitter @willmusgrove, or contact me via email at  Thank you!
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